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​Preparation for the shooting day

・Please clean up the shooting space and put away unnecessary items by the day of the shoot.

・Please make sure that the placement and orientation of furniture, etc. are correct.

・Make sure the table and mirror are clean. ​

​Cooperation on the day of shooting

・Please be present with the person in charge on the day of the shoot.

​・Photograph for the person in chargeWe may ask you to move furniture or assist with photography before the event.

​・Please turn on all lights at the shooting location.

・Do not move any objects or furniture until the shooting is over.

・Because the photo is taken and scanned by rotating it 360 degrees, please cooperate by moving to a position where people do not enter the field of view of the camera. (Basically, we do not take pictures of people.)

・If a person is captured, the face will be automatically recognized and blurred. Please note.

・Set a starting point (entrance, etc.) and start shooting.

- Shoot while moving the camera at intervals of 1.5 to 2.5 meters.

・For external shooting, a 360° panorama image will be taken separately.

(*Because infrared rays are used for shooting, it is not possible to shoot outdoors in 360° VR.)

​Other notes

- The camera reflected in the mirror or glass cannot be erased.

・Because it will be taken indoors, it will basically be held rain or shine.

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