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Company Profile

Company Name Video Creative Research Institute

Alternative Labo Co., Ltd.


Representative Representative Director Takaki Kido


Established November 1, 2017


Our Mission

What is "Creative Innovation"?


It means to introduce new ideas and technologies into things, systems, services, organizations, business models, etc. without being bound by preconceived notions, create new value, and bring about innovation, renovation, and change that have an impact on society.

―Co Creation Culture―

Through co-creation, we create an unprecedented market that captivates the world, do work that affects people, and make the lives of everyone involved overwhelmingly interesting.

Through this corporate culture of "Co-Creation Culture" that we cherish, we hope to realize "co-creation" with all the contents of ESCAPE TOKYO and all people.

And we will create a “today that you can be absorbed in” and provide a “fruitful future”.

オルタナティブlabo 沿革

We are promoting telework from the perspective of “work style reform”.
This time, we have approved and declared the "Telework Tokyo Rules" set by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and our efforts have been registered.

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